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About the Driver Training Unit


One of the most important aspects of four-wheel driving is the difference between driving on bitumen and the special skills required to use your vehicle in true off road conditions.  The Pajero Club’s Driver Training Courses are designed to increase driver skills in all aspects of four-wheel driving, from recovery techniques, reading track conditions, to environmental care, technical knowledge, safety and even driving skills !

The Club holds regular driver awareness courses, at Proficiency, Proficiency Plus and Advanced standards.  Our Club instructors are all very experienced 4WD drivers in their own right and are fully qualified instructors. Their qualifications and accreditations are through Four Wheel Drive Victoria (FWDV), who are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 21605).

The moderate fee for these courses includes a copy of the Pajero Four-Wheel Drive Club information material, and upon successful completion, a FWDV certificate presented at the monthly Club meeting.

To be able to undertake any of the courses, you need to be a financial member of the Pajero Club with a roadworthy 4WD vehicle of any make and model.

The Club’s driver training courses are:

    • Proficiency, for complete novices. This course is a prerequisite for all other courses. Everyone will learn something from this course regardless of their driving experience.
    • Proficiency Plus 4WD Skills, for those with a little experience and wanting to learn more.  The focus being a full day driving in off-road conditions.
    • Advanced, for experienced drivers who want to take their skills to the next level.

All courses consist of a theoretical and practical component.  The three hour theory content of the Proficiency Course is usually run on a Thursday night followed by the practical component on the following Sunday.  This course gives members a basic understanding of four-wheel driving and their vehicle and is a prerequisite for most Club trips.

Our Proficiency + 4WD Skills course caters for members who wish to increase their level of awareness and learning towards driving more safely in the bush while on trips.  Training includes reading the tracks before driving them, left foot braking and other driver techniques.

The practical component of the Advanced Course takes place over a full weekend, with a three hour theory night two weeks beforehand.

This course concentrates on areas such as reading and negotiating difficult terrain and advanced recovery techniques for Club members wishing to participate in more adventurous four-wheel driving.  Prior to participating in the Advanced Course it is generally recommended that Club members have a minimum of one year’s four-wheel driving experience after first completing the Proficiency Course.  This is a guide only, as previous four-wheel driving experience is also taken into consideration.  Each student must submit their trip activity report two months before the course so their application can be considered.

The DTU also recognizes the importance for partners to be trained in four-wheel driving.  Any one of our DTU Instructors will be happy to discuss the advantages of having a skilled “co driver” whilst on off-road excursions.

The Pajero Club also compliments our driver training courses with a variety of knowledge & skill based courses designed to enhance our member’s skills, such as:

    • Winching
    • Navigation
    • Trip Planning
    • Ozi Explorer Mapping
    • Chainsaw Safety
    • First Aid – Certificate 2

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