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New Trip Report page available for comment

Ian Fieldhouse and David Boutchard have been continuing work on developing a historical trip reports page with supporting processes. We currently have a couple of versions under development.

The version shown on the left is one of these. To assist with feedback we have loaded a number of trips completed in 2021 and will load more as time allows. We still have to work on the processes for loading new trip reports as they are completed.

Click on the map image to open the page. Please send feedback to Ian or David.

What does the Club offer?

One of the greatest testimonials of any club or organisation is age and growth. From humble beginnings when the first Short Wheel Base Pajero stepped onto the market 35 plus years ago, the Pajero Club has grown and developed into a very strong and diverse 4WD community. Our success? We cater for all aspects of 4WD’ing fun including weekends in the high country, longer outback adventures, sand dune driving, family outings… we have the lot! Even ‘Caravan Capers’ providing a sociable outing for members with caravans and camper trailers. Our members lead a wide range of trips from 1 day midweek through to multi month treks across Australia.  Join up to share the experience.

WOW, 300 families, 35 Years and getting stronger! What better testimonial do you need as a four wheel drive club? The above photo is from one of our Annual Australia Day High Country trips. With 100+ attendee’s across two locations enjoying various well organised activities including, 4WD day trips, pizza nights, swimming, walking and socialising. Not to mention the club's biennial Muster that attracts 150+ attendees at Easter. That’s just two of many good reasons why the Pajero Club maintains an average membership of 300 plus family membership.

Unfortunately the 2020 Muster has been postponed due the COVID-19 Virus. We will hold it in 2021 instead. Lookout for details!!

Kerri and I have been members for more than ten years. We joined the club to meet people with a common mission, to get out into this amazing country and to go where others only dream of "off road"! We’ve seen some awesome sites that are only accessible by 4WD and have been lucky enough to experience it with good friends. Other benefits of membership are the high quality driver training unit and general support throughout the club ‘family’.

Russell C

Member 14 yrs

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Membership for 21/22 is $150 which applies to single or family memberships and includes FWD Victoria affiliation fees. This fee is prorated if joining mid year. A $100 joining fee applies.

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