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On behalf of the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria I offer you a very warm welcome.  We will do our very best to make you feel at home at our monthly meetings, to provide the opportunity to join and to lead Club trips, and to learn more about safe and responsible 4-wheel driving from our many experienced members.

New members are welcome at every Club meeting; come and make yourself known and we will help you meet members and to feel at home in the new environment.  We were all new to the Club at one time or other and we know that the first meeting can be an important step to new friends and great adventures.

Club trips are an essential activity for us and you will find colleagues to travel with, others who already know about the places you intend to visit, and an opportunity for you to join trips on which you can watch and learn from others. Soon we hope that you will be leading your own trips and sharing your new-found knowledge and enthusiasm. So where does a trip have to go? The answer is almost anywhere. In might be to forest tracks just outside Melbourne, the high country of central and eastern Victoria, the Mallee, beach dunes, the deserts of central Australia including iconic trips such as the Simpson Desert and Canning Stock Route, or it can be to the Americas or southern Africa. The limits are your imagination and willingness to prepare and plan for travel.

Some of us have joined the Club after many years of 4-wheel driving and assumed there is nothing more that we can be taught; some years later it is nice to reflect back on how much more we have learned through Club membership, how much more fun this makes our travels, and how many new doors are opened to us.

Learning never stops.

Neil Phillips

President, Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria

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