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I love a sunburnt country

A land of sweeping plains

Of ragged mountain ranges

Of droughts and flooding rains

I love her far horizons

I love her jewel-sea

Her beauty and her terror

The wide brown land for me !


A verse which encapsulates Pajero 4WD Club member’s trip dreams.  Preparing their 4WDs and heading off on trips with like-minded people, members of the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria.

4WDing is a life style for many and there are many good reasons for enjoying 4WDing.  Not the least, using that 4WD to do trips.  And trips are a major reason for people to join the Pajero 4WD Club.  To undertake day trips, or weekends in the high country or Victoria’s deserts, to travel the outback and across the Simpson or travel to the pointy tip.  To the Alice, the Kimberley, the Flinders Ranges and beyond.  They are a key reason for owning a 4WD and what brings people together to be members of the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria. 

Some trips are a day’s outing, tackling some challenging tracks but a few hours drive out of Melbourne.  Others can be weekend base camping beside a river, enjoying the local tracks during the day and returning to spend a lovely evening around a campfire with friends.

Always, it is the lifestyle, the people, the vehicles, the companionship, the challenges on offer.  Man, vehicle, tracks.  Traveling with friends and new friends.  Providing support and companionship out on the tracks.  

The Pajero Club prides itself in being a “family friendly” Club, a place to bring the children along, to be part of the fun and adventure.

We do the trips because our 4WD vehicles are capable of taking us to beautiful places and isolated remote areas, some of which are only accessed by well setup 4WD off-road vehicles.

And members setup their vehicles to partake in this lifestyle.  Vehicles fitted out for the purpose, a bull bar, radios, driving lights, a winch, recovery points, suspension and tyres, shelving and fridges.  The Club’s Driver Training Unit offers a range of courses to develop member’s driving skills and give them the confidence to undertake such trips.

Not everyone has the same goals.  Member’s driving skills and vehicle fit-outs are personal choices.   The nature of trips undertaken, are personal choices.  But we’re all in the Club to participate in these activities.

Not all vehicles are Pajeros either.  There is a wide variety of makes and models in the Club.

The Pajero Club’s activities are categorised as either trips or events.   Both are organised for members, by members.

Trips are activities where members meet up at a nominated time & location and travel together under the direction of a Trip Leader.  Vehicles travel in a conga line formation.

Events are typically social base camp activities. Members roll up to a nominated base camp location to participate in a program of organised activities.  It could be a Christmas Party or one of the Club’s bi-annual Musters.  Events can also include trips in their activities program.

Activities are graded by their organisers.  Trip postings indicate the expected track conditions and any necessary equipment, eg. easy-medium tracks, needing proficiency plus driver training or have mud tyres as mandatory.  Understanding the criteria enables members to access their suitability for an activity.

Members can minimise risk by undertaking training and fitting out their vehicles to enable them to have the right skills and equipment to participate in chosen activities.  But there is also comfort in the fact that members are insured through Four Wheel Drive (FWDV) for Public Liability and Personal Accident whilst on Club sanctioned trips and events.

Our membership arrangements enable members to bring along extended family and friends as Temporary Members and they are also covered under the insurance arrangements.

Being on trips and events with the Pajero Club doesn't stop there !

Being away from the busy city and suburbs, well away from the traffic, the traffic lights, the crowds, and sometimes well out of phone range, takes all and stress away.  Club trips replace all the day-to-day stresses with nature, the company of some close friends and family, your four wheel drive, beautiful scenery, a good dose of adventure and camping in some unforgettable places.

Trips are certainly an important reason many people to join the Pajero Club.  Like minded people wanting to get out of town, to use their 4WD as they were designed to be used.  Gnarly tracks, low-range 4WD, steep ascents, steep descents, river crossings.  Eating dust !  A great picture, isn’t it.

For many of us, getting there is half the fun and adventure, the places that are further away or tougher to get to are often the best.   What makes these places special is the effort and adventure itself of just getting there.  It is all about the trips & events organised by members of the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria.


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