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Pajero Challenge

The Pajero Challenge is an annual event organised by the Pajero 4WD Club of Victoria and has become one of the best and most challenging self guided, off road Navigational events in Australia.   The event has been running since1995.

The Pajero Challenge is open to experienced Four Wheel Drivers and experienced Navigators.  All makes of 4WDs are welcome but vehicles must be set up with good off road tyres and a suspension lift to suit High Country terrain.

The event tests navigation, observation and puzzle solving along with 4WD skills.  Over $10,000 of prizes can be won thanks to our sponsors who include Mitsubishi Motors, Engel Australia, Aussie Disposals and Narva.

The Pajero Challenge is a 24-hour 4WD navigation competition, run in four sections, each of which allows for 3-4 hours of driving. 

Each section includes:

  • driving stage, where the driver and navigator(s) find their way from point to point, answering questions as they go.  Many teams have multiple navigators and also swap drivers.  It's a team event !
  • checkpoints are manned by members from various clubs
  • special stages might have a written navigational test
  • compulsory rests, and there is a base campsite at the beginning & end

The terrain is typically High Country driving and teams must prepare for both dry and wet conditions. 

The focus of the event is teamwork, observation and navigation, not speed nor hardcore 4WDing.  The objective is to make the least number of errors and thus beat the rest of the competition.

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