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Family Friendly




The Pajero Club promotes safe and responsible recreational four-wheel driving in a family setting while supporting the principles of the Tread Lightly campaign on public and private land.


Pajero Club members are individuals and families who own a Pajero or another make of four-wheel drive vehicle with low range gearbox.  The Club welcomes and encourages owners of all 4WD vehicles to participate.  Our main goal is to conduct four-wheel-drive and social activities with like-minded individuals.


We also have an active land care group which participates in activities to better the environment around us.


We work with Parks Victoria and the DSE to maintain tracks and high country huts.


Our club offers driver training (with accredited instructors), and has a wide variety of trips available.   Have a look at the benefits of being a member.   Membership details are here.




Meetings:  3rd Wed of each month, except Jan

Glen Waverley Bowls Club, 7:30 for 8:00


Melways Reference 71 B5












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Pajero Club News
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